How can I use E-Learning?

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On-line inductions:

Induct staff and contractors in different locations simply with the one solution.

Our delivery platform doesn't require you to reinvent your induction training and any assessment tools or requirements.

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E-cademy Solutions:

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E-cademy Solutions can incorporate links to your favourite social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype and YouTube

Current News:

Due to high demand, we have introduced a trial version of our system for clients to explore!

The trial of the system will give you and your staff, the opportunity to practice and use the standard delivery platform both as a Student/Learner and as an Administrator.


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How can I use e-learning?

"Learning never exhausts the mind" - Leonardo da Vinci

A growing number of training organisations, businesses & communities have already successfully implemented and embraced e-learning around the world.

E-learning can be used for almost any subject. With your knowledge and our creative and technical skills anything is possible. You can use it for compliance training, product support, showing how equipment works, simulating dangerous situations or customer service training.

E-Learning can be intergrated successfully into education, retail & sales, highly technical industries, manufacturing, mining or service industries.The list is endless.

Whatever your idea we are the solution!


As well as the savings from the accessibility of e-learning, it can also be used to save costs in other areas.

E-learning can be used to teach best practice processes on jobs which use large quantities of or expensive materials. The user can learn their techniques and boost their confidence on a computer to a high enough standard before being allowed near the real materials.


E-cademy Solutions can help many organisations potentially save thousands of dollars in resources, time and material wastage.


E-learning can be used individually, on a one-to-one, or on a one-to-many basis. It can be used on its own or as part of a course in conjunction with demonstration of learnt skills, practical face-to-face or hands-on training.

E-cademy solutions is the key to training and educating your organisation in the application and use of current and updated company policy and procedures.


E-cademy solutions can be used for;

  • Delivery of accredited courses
  • In-house induction & training
  • New product launch/training
  • Sales training
  • Compliance training
  • Health & safety courses
  • Aptitude testing
  • Performance management
  • Mentoring and development programs

Nationally Recognised Courses

  • Skill Set
  • Statement of Attainment
  • Certificates II, III & IV
  • Diploma
  • First Aid - CPR

Compliance Training

  • Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity
  • Ergonomics
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Bullying, Harrassment & Sexual Harassment
  • Hazard Management
  • Manual Handling
  • Internet and Email Policies
  • Privacy Policies
  • Trade Practices


E-cademy solutions can bring quality learning to more people, reduce classroom time and

reduce the time people spend away from their work environment.






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