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On-line inductions:

Induct staff and contractors in different locations simply with the one solution.

Our delivery platform doesn't require you to reinvent your induction training and any assessment tools or requirements.

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E-cademy Solutions:

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Current News:

Due to high demand, we have introduced a trial version of our system for clients to explore!

The trial of the system will give you and your staff, the opportunity to practice and use the standard delivery platform both as a Student/Learner and as an Administrator.


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About Us

In the Beginning:

Our traditional delivery methods: classroom, field, classroom, field, classroom............ it works but for many reasons is inaffective.

About four years ago, we were asked to create an online learning platform for a Registered Training Organisation(RTO). The RTO was looking for an online learning platform that could encompass their existing learning resources and processes but also needed to be simple to understand and use, and be mostly self-managed once in place.

They had researched, investigated and trial numerous systems but non of them could deliver a flexible learning platform that was still easy to use without requiring a PHD in HTML or being able to understand the complexities of code writing.


The Growing Years:

After 18months of consultation and development with key stakeholders of the RTO, the E-cademy Solutions platform was created.

The E-cademy Solutions learning platform was launched in May 2010 and has been successfully used in the delivery of Certificate II, III, IV and Diploma courses.

In two years, the RTO has delivered 7000 online learner guides to students, assessed and provided instant results for nearly 6500 multiple choice exams, processed hundreds of RPL applications, including data uploads, the granting of RPL competencies and use the platform to facilitate thousands of hours of practical face-to-face training and assessment strategies.


Where we're going:

Its taken us more than four years to get our product to where it is, and we're still building on the platform every day!

The E-cademy Solutions platform is available for use by Training Organisations to deliver full qualifications, skill sets or specific units of competency and to Government, Private Training Organisations or any Organisation seeking to delivery inhouse training or induction services.




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