What is E-Learning?

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On-line inductions:

Induct staff and contractors in different locations simply with the one solution.

Our delivery platform doesn't require you to reinvent your induction training and any assessment tools or requirements.

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E-cademy Solutions:

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E-cademy Solutions can incorporate links to your favourite social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype and YouTube

Current News:

Due to high demand, we have introduced a trial version of our system for clients to explore!

The trial of the system will give you and your staff, the opportunity to practice and use the standard delivery platform both as a Student/Learner and as an Administrator.


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What is E-Learning?

The vision of the educational landscape of the future has been profoundly altered through the emergence of e-learning.

Cutting edge technology is fusing with leading pedagogy to create methods of learning and teaching that have the potential to greatly improve the educational experience of learners, teachers and managers.

For students, e-learning offers individual empowerment with greater control over their own learning. It allows greater flexibility over the time, place and mode of study, and makes learning resources and training organisations themselves more accessible.

A coherent e-learning framework, with enhanced links between organisations and online learning, can smooth the path for candidate progression and lifelong learning. For academic staff, a strategic approach to e-learning helps them to keep in touch with relevant technological advances, while identifying and sharing best practice in curriculum design, teaching, learning and assessment, helping to manage innovation and technological risk.

Effective e-learning enables interactive, independent candicate learning and supports traditional teaching methods. Online technology offers unprecedented and managed access to learning materials and research resources, enabling sophisticated collaboration with a diverse range of partners.


"The key to effective learning with computers is good educational design"

There are numerous models and guidelines for designing computer based learning environments and resources for effective learning. Taken as a whole such models and guidelines emphasise the need to design computer based learning environments which:

  • Encourage rich and active learning
  • Promote emotionally sound learning
  • Incorporate simple easy to use systems with limited learning barriers
  • Foster commitment to learning

The efficiency and effectiveness of e-learning as a strategic activity should be measured not only in terms of performance and learning outcomes but also in the terms of its overall contribution to an organisations potential growth, productivity capacity and ability to adapt and be on the forefront of an everchanging world.


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