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Introduction to E-Cademy Solutions on-line learning delivery platform

Hands on Workshop



Interesting in E-Learning platforms and not sure where to start?


E-cademy Solutions will be hosting a FREE workshop for RTO’s to explore the benefits our learning delivery platform could give your organisation


To find out more, attend our information session which will allow you to:

·     Explore a system for managing online/blended learning delivery

·     Understand the characteristics of our learning delivery platform and be able to set up learning activities using a variety of tools.

·     Have an understanding on how easy it would be to implement our online delivery platform at your RTO

·     Be aware of the resources required to support your implementation

·     Take the opportunity to practice and use a learning delivery platform both as a Learner and an administrator or a Trainer.


Bring your laptop/ iPad/ android so that you can connect into the system and “Play”


Limited places available (10 for each session) – Get in quick to confirm your attendance


Octagon Tower

Level 1, Building F

110 George Street



Tuesday 26th February 2013

Two session times

Session 1 – 9.30am to 12.30 pm

Session 2 – 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Cost - FREE

Refreshments provided


REGISTER NOW >>>             Tuesday 26th February 2013


SESSION 1:        9.30am to 12.30 pm



SESSION 2:        1.30 pm to 3.30 pm


Location:                  110 George Street, Parramatta

Cost:                         FREE   -    Light Refreshments provided


How to Register

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“Online learning not only needs good content from experts,

it needs the right kind of system to support it.

An online platform needs to be intuitive, easy to use and enhances the learning”






Choose your own delivery strategies

Many of us work inside a “box” of standard practice. We use methods that have worked well for us in the past. We stay in our comfort zone. Nothing wrong with that, but what training opportunities are passing you by…..


Some people learn through presentation, others through reading, some through interaction and others through doing, with E-cademy Solutions, multiple delivery and assessments can be incorporated and improve the overall  training for the learners.


E-Learning is not about making your documents available online, it can be so much more, What if your training strategies could incorporate all this and more…..

·       Embedded Video PDF’s

·       Audible Documents

·       Online Presentations

·       Traditional PDF’s

·       Online Webinars

·       Utilise Social Media Platforms

·       Face-to-Face training


·       Individual Assignments

·       Multiple Choice Quizzes

·       Short and Long Answers

·       Multiple Choice Exams

·       Short and Long Answer Exams

·       Document upload submissions

·       Face-to-Face training elements

E-Cademy Solution Platform

Advantages include;


·     Use your current learner guides

·     Easily add multiple choice quizzes and exams

·     Use your current workbooks

·     Upload short videos easily

·     Deliver your PowerPoint presentations online

·     Train and Assess face-to-face elements as required.

·     Cut down on classroom time for trainers

·     Streamline your processes and costs!

·     No need for a team of IT people to make this work, it can be managed in-house by your own staff

·     Simply upload your own resources




Communication Tools

We realise that training providers still want to maintain that personal touch with their clients, and many online learning platforms may create barriers compared to the personal interaction that face-to-face training may provide.


E-Cademy Solutions platforms have many built in facilities that can enhance the communication between providers and clients by using one, a couple or all of the available methods below;

·       Online Chat facilities

·       Inbuilt Calendar to schedule face-to-face workshops 

·       Inbuilt Links available to your popular social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc

·       Inbuilt custom email messaging system

·       System automated email messaging system advising students of exam passes, reminders and expiry dates

·       Online short video presentations

·       Online Power Point presentations

·       Literacy Moderator Request Facility

·       I need help Request Facility


You can select which options that suits your own business and clients needs.





With the right platform, there is no need to reinvent your brand, yourself or your training and assessment material



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