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If you deliver theory components for any type of course, then it could be delivered via this e-learning platform!
Why E-Learning?

A powerful on-line learning system developed for training delivery. The E-cademy facility can deliver training courses ranging from a Nationally Recognised Qualification to an organisation's in-house safety induction.

The vision of the educational landscape of the future has been profoundly altered through the emergence of e-learning.

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Cutting edge technology is fusing with leading pedagogy to create methods of learning and teaching that have the potential to greatly improve the educational experience of learners, teachers, trainers and managers.  VIEW MORE

Organisational Benefits
  • More efficient use of training time, energy and resources
  • Reduced travel costs and your organisational carbon footprint
  • Reduced loss of productivity from training
  • Applied consistent results
  • Large volume of results processed instantly
  • Quizzes and exams could be multiple choice or written answers - this is your choice!
  • Designed to delver many combinations of delivery modes:
    • on-line learning combined with face-to-face
    • on-line with written components
    • on-line theory learning only
    • RPL evidence upload, all completed online.

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A powerful system but easy to use!
  • No software to install, upgrade or maintain, login via the web
  • On line enrolment, secure payment gateway facility
  • Collection of RPL and Credit Transfer and on-line learning - all in the one system
  • Exams completed on-line, via multiple choice - questions and answers rotate, ensuring learners knowledge
  • Written exams can be completed on-line and submitted into the system and available for the assessor to view instantly
  • Student's interim statement of academic transcript available on-line
  •  Group / Cluster management of students: ideal for schools, groups or organisations with numerous enrolments

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E-cademy solutions bringing a quality learning environment to you.... LEARN MORE


The key to effective learning with computers is good educational design!

Why choose E-cademy Solutions?

E-cademy Solutions is an electronic delivery platform that has all the features you require and provides on-going professional development and support.

The system can be customised to reflect the identity of you the client, it will look like you, feel like you, all while using the E-cademy Solutions platform.

E-cademy Solutions

With the continued dynamic development of E-cademy Solutions and to guarantee long term corporate success for our clients, we participate in shaping the changes in industry markets and technologies. By doing so, we provide our customers with innovative solutions that will grow within our technology driven society that we embrace. VIEW MORE
A professional designed and developed electronic system has the following benefits:
  • Specifically designed to allow delivery of both accredited and non accredited courses simultaneously.
  • Can capture all AVETMISS required data with the ability to export to your current student management system.
  • Hosted on powerful commercial Web Hosting servers and offers a very high degree of data security (it will take simultaneous catastrophes in five different locations for a major data loss to occur)
  • No software to install, upgrade or maintain, Login via the web - web-based.
  • Available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week from anywhere in the world.
  • Can support unlimited amount of learners, simultaneously with teachers/trainers able to monitor progress remotely.
  • Capable of delivering any academic course or subject, incorporate text and images into quiz and exam modules.
  • Integration of face-to-face practical training elements.

For a surprisingly modest investment, you could be using Australia's premier e-learning delivery platform, contact our office today!


E-cademy Solutions

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