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Consider Staff Inductions On-line

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Advantages include;


·       Induct staff and contractors in different locations simply with the one solution.

·       Eliminate tedious scheduling and cost involved with traditional class room training for different locations

·       Cost effective and time effective for trainers who spend hours making exams


Online Delivery made easy:


Simply take your existing induction material, usually in word format, convert into PDF and upload into the delivery platform system. The system will allow you to upload your PowerPoint presentation and video, all within the one system


What if you could take your existing paper-based word documents, your workbooks and simply uploaded them with a click of a button? Sounds easy….. Well it is!


Our delivery platform doesn’t require you to reinvent your induction training and any assessment tools or requirements.


If you have a document that is derived from the Microsoft Office packages, it can simply be uploaded and ready to use in minutes and you remain in control of your own training and assessment materials.



Delivered on-line, trackable, retrievable and accountable

Choosing the right Delivery Platform?

Choosing the right delivery  platform can be daunting. Investment decisions need to consider the technology costs of:


·       licensing

·       interoperability

·       scalability and

·       changing business needs

while maximising on your valuable course content, or increasing your training department's commercial contribution.


Whatever your business model, our delivery platform, E-cademy Solutions, is built on flexible open source technologies that will free up your staff to contribute to other valuable components of the organisation rather than spending time marking papers.



Staff Inductions, Entrance Exams or in-house training courses?

Think about a streamlined cost effective system to process large volumes of staff inductions, entrance exams, in- house staff training, etc.

The On-line delivery system can also 'track' the expiry date for those staff members and courses that require re-induction, re-certification or training


What are the benefits?

  • As organisations become more geographically dispersed, work/life patterns demand more flexibility and web-enable mobile communication devices are now commonplace. As E-cademy Solutions is web-based, both employees and employers can access the information 24/7 365 days a year.
  • E-learning enables staff inductions, training etc delivered in a way that meets an organisation's needs but reduces downtime in the workplace. Imagine new employees being able to undertake inductions, review company policy and procedures, become aware of health and safety requirements, all before stepping foot in the door.
  • The content can easily be uploaded to the system, and multiple choice exams can also be used to ensure the employee has an understanding of the content.
  • E-learning is also highly cost-effective compared with the fixed costs of classroom based training. The costs of lost productivity, travel/accommodation and hard copy course materials are eliminated.
  • E-learning courses can be self-marking, making it easy to track and demonstrate learners’ progress towards course completion (essential if the training is mandatory, e.g. to meet compliance requirements).

Whatever your organisation's scale or business model, E-cademy Solutions has the expertise and experience dedicated to delivering and supporting the perfect e-learning delivery platform for your organisation's requirements. 





Perfect System for Accredited Training, Non-accredited Training and Inductions




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