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Supporting your vision for future learning


A vision where learners, teachers, trainers and assessors use technology to enhance the overall educational experience by improving flexibility and creativity and encouraging comprehensive and diverse personal high quality learning, teaching and assessment strategies.


Implementing a new Learning Management System (LMS) is just the start, and you may have challenges and aspirations that stretch beyond today’s training environment.


We can help shape your future learning strategy and help mitigate the risks.


Vision for Future Learning

Taking the first Step

Mobile Learning

Education and the Virtual Classroom

Choosing the right Learning Platform

How does it all work?

Workplace Benefits

Taking the first step….no need to reinvent the wheel

Online Learning resources, e-books, e-training ….. It may seem daunting and you’re not sure that you want to take that first step. It may sound complicated but with e-cademy solutions – it doesn’t have to be!


Our delivery platform doesn’t require you to reinvent all your training and assessment tools into an “expensive and time consuming” program that require in-depth computer programming knowledge.


What if you could take your existing paper-based word documents, your workbooks and simply uploaded them with a click of a button? Sounds easy….. Well it is!


If you have a document that is derived from the Microsoft Office packages, it can simply be uploaded and ready to use in minutes, no need to spend a fortune on programmers to make it work, you can keep it in-house and you remain in control of your own training and assessment materials.



Education and the virtual classroom.

As we enter the third millennium, education via the internet represents great and exciting opportunities for both trainer/assessors and their students.


E-Learning is not traditional computer based learning. E-Learning is not downloaded to a hard drive like computer based learning rather; it is stored on a secure server and accessed over a network by a web browser. E-Learning programs are saved on the internet and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, regardless of the computer platform, as long as the user has subscribed to an internet service provider (ISP).


In a web-based environment, trainer/assessors can create hypertext links to connect a student to, for example, Wall Street, to experience stock trading, or to a government web site to enable the student view the latest legislation.


E-Learning is backed by the world-wide-web (WWW) and therefore has access to virtually unlimited information. The reach of information in a Computer Based Learning is limited. Even large storage media has a finite capability to store information. Web-based learning is worldwide accessible, low in maintenance, secure, platform independent, always current and accommodates various learning styles.


Educators and students are using the web in a variety of ways to enhance their training and learning experiences. With E-cademy Solutions, E-learning can be delivered to the learners easily, in an individualised manner.


Choosing the right Learning Platform?

Choosing the right learning platform can be daunting. Investment decisions need to consider the technology costs of:


·       licensing

·       interoperability

·       scalability and

·       changing business needs

while maximising on your valuable course content, or increasing your training department's commercial contribution.


Whatever your business model, our delivery platform, E-cademy Solutions is built on flexible open source technologies that free up your ability to create new efficiencies, improve collaboration or generate new revenue streams.



With the right platform, there is no need to reinvent your brand, yourself or your training and assessment material



What is E-Learning and how does it work?

E-learning is an abbreviation of ‘electronic learning’. It’s a means of using web technologies to deliver training and development courses to students, wherever and whenever. Blending your traditional, classroom based training with e-learning enables ‘always on’ access to courses from any internet connection.

How does it work?

Instead of taking time out to attend a classroom training session, learners can simply log in to a web based Learning Management System (LMS), select their required course, follow the on-screen instructions and complete their training online. Since courses can usually be ‘parked’ for later completion, e-learning enables learners to progress at their own pace and in the way that best suits them, rather than rigidly following the pace and style of the trainer and others in the classroom.

What are the workplace benefits?

  • As organisations become more geographically dispersed, work/life patterns demand more flexibility and mobile communication devices are now commonplace. E-learning enables mandatory or professional development courses to be delivered in a way that meets student’s needs for globally consistent, just-in-time training provision.
  • Course content can use highly developed multimedia formats – including video, animation and audio - to deliver engaging content and capture learner feedback.
  • E-learning is also highly cost-effective compared with the fixed costs of classroom based training. The costs of lost productivity, travel/accommodation and hard copy course materials are eliminated.
  • E-learning courses can be self-marking, making it easy to track and demonstrate learners’ progress towards course completion (essential if the training is mandatory, e.g. to meet compliance requirements).

Whatever your organisation's scale or business model, E-cademy Solutions has the expertise and experience dedicated to delivering and supporting the perfect e-learning delivery platform for your learning requirements. 




Mobile Learning

As smart phones and tablets become common tools in the workplace, we have the expertise in the development of innovative mobile learning applications that suit the accelerating needs of student’s communication, collaboration and training on demand.

Many training organisations are already migrating away from Flash technology and are exploring the potential of mobile content authoring. In response we have developed the capability to provide social collaboration and integrating these with web-enabled training portals.

If you need your training content to be accessible from a mobile device, E-cademy Solutions can provide this for Android smart phones, iPhones and iPads.





Online learning and delivery doesn’t have to be hard work!



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